Elkhorn, NE: Brookestone Village Trains for the Implementation of PointClickCare

PCC1Keri Wlaschin, from Pathway Health, spent several days at Home Office training Brookestone Village team members for their EHR software implementation, PointClickCare (PCC). The goal of an EHR is to have accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about residents at the point of care to improve the overall quality of care. This enables the sharing of electronic information with providers, other clinicians, family members and residents which encourages better overall communication between all parties. Through improved care coordination and increased resident participation in his/her care, EHR’s can help to improve overall health outcomes while increasing facility efficiencies and cost savings. Brookestone Village is the fourth Vetter Health Services facility to implement PCC.

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Submitted by Angie Hamilton, Talent Development Coordinator

Vetter Health Services, Elkhorn, NE