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Lincoln, NE: Veteran’s Day Recognition

Veteran’s were honored at Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center on November 10, 2017; in conjunction with Asera Care’s Brooke Borer, Lt. Col. Lee and performer Holly Mounce. All Veterans and their service branch were personally acknowledged; a touching rendition of The Star Spangled Banner was sung. Each Veteran was Pinned by Lt. Col Lee […]

Lincoln, NE: Sensory Exploration Triggers Memories

Anyone else recall the Charles Schultz ‘It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”? Lucy and Linus obtain a pumpkin to carve for a jack-o-lantern; to which Linus wails “You killed it!” That was but one of the laughing comments heard during a Sensory activity/intervention at Southlake Village Rehabilitation and Care Center. Memories of making pies without […]

Lincoln, NE: Mom’s Group

Inter-generational programming is a win-win. Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center promotes extensive programming with families and groups, both formal and informal. No need to determine who receives the greatest benefits from youth visits, because everyone wins. A local Mom’s Group came to visit on a chilly fall morning and created works of art with […]

Lincoln, NE: Kate & Friends

Meag began bringing Kate to Southlake when she was just a toddler – as she grew, and gained a baby brother named Thomas, the visits continued. Life intervened, as it often does, and Kate didn’t visit for a period of time, but continued to ask about her friends at Southlake. For Halloween 2017 Kate brought […]

Lincoln, NE: Southlake Village Spooktacular

Halloween is a fun time at Southlake Village Rehabilitation and Care Center. Teams are formed and pumpkins are decorated the day before our big Spooktacular. The Spooktacular is a trick or treat event that is open to residents and staff families as well as the public. This year we estimate over 600 children attended the […]

Lincoln, NE: New Friends, Small Friends

New friends come in all shapes and sizes; new friends show up when one least expects it. Willow, at eight weeks, came to visit Southlake Village with her new family -although she didn’t purr, she did snuggle. An unnamed ‘Mini Me’ came around the corner to see a Southlake friend – both wearing green plaid. […]

Lincoln, NE: DAV; Veteran Visit

Recognizing Veterans is a honor – at Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center the recognition of Veteran’s is not confined to Veteran’s Day. The Disabled American Veteran’s (DAV) Auxiliary Unit 7 engaged with Veterans, spouses and friends of Veterans in a Social Gathering of Coffee & Cookies on a recent afternoon. Small gifts of sweets […]

Lincoln, NE: Three Cords & A Cloud of Dust Country Music Jam

Three Cords & A Cloud of Dust Country Music Jam performed at Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center to a full house with over sixty (60) individuals in attendance. Old favorites were played and sung – by both the band and the audience. Tom, a resident on Woods Park flagged down staff at 7:30 a.m. […]

Lincoln, NE: Seeing Triple

Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center’s monthly Wine & Cheese social is a popular option for residents as well as resident’s family and friends. Special visitors were present with their great-grandfather Sam – Yes, that’s right – visitors, plural. No, your eyes do not deceive you; Sam has identical triplet great-granddaughters, in addition to their […]

Lincoln, NE: IN2L: Options Galore

What if someone told you there was an option to enhance recreational programming that was social, engaging and user friendly for all ages? Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center has readily embraced the It’s Never 2 Late computer system – equipment that expands programming to every level. Skype a family member in London? Check. Word […]

Lincoln, NE: Social Services; Socially

“I’m going to tell you three words – Sock* Blue * Bed* ” Those who have received Skilled Services have heard those words – and many, more than once. Making screenings a pleasurable experience, creating a positive experience is key to truly evaluating an individuals functional skills. Sasauna took the opportunity of a beautiful day […]

Lincoln, NE: A Horse, of Course!

Horse: “a solid-hoofed plant-eating domesticated mammal with a flowing mane and tail, used for riding, racing, and to carry and pull loads”. It was a horse weekend at Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center. Jodi brought Joe, a 22 year old Paint for everyone to see – and Tom’s family brought the 2000# family Clydesdale […]

Lincoln, NE: The Eclipse, all we can say is WOW!

Residents, team members, and guests alike were all in awe of the Eclipse on Monday. Southlake Village team members wanted to ensure that all residents were able to participate in the Eclipse as they were able. Some residents watched via the IN2L in our Town Hall while approximately 60 residents made it out side to […]

Lincoln, NE: Groom & Grandmother

A late Saturday afternoon “there is a bride here!” – Mabel’s grandson, just straight from his wedding at St. Mark’s church came to show Mabel the wedding finery. The bride was stunning in a strapless gown and veil; the groom was handsome in grey. Mother and father of the groom; sister of the groom with […]

Lincoln, NE: Summer Fun

Summer is made for fun, no matter what your age. What makes something fun is as different as each individual person. At Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center summer fun has included purposeful pursuits of sewing for self and others, caring for potted plants and interacting with youth in regularly scheduled inter-generational programming. One can’t […]

Lincoln, NE: Enjoying Summer

A beautiful summer morning, established plants and flowers, a courtyard that contributes to emotional well being – all were in play on an unseasonably cool August morning. A contingency of residents and staff took advantage of the available amenities to visit, tell stories and enjoy one another’s company. One common thread was how glad everyone […]

Lincoln, NE: Whatever Should We Do?

Whatever should we do? The scheduled entertainer had a different date on her calendar-and a full contingent of Residents and Guests are gathered for the entertainment! You pull out the IN2L and have a Karaoke party! Songs, old dittys, stories and memories led to dancing, to a Southlake version of the Rockettes – the Soutlakeettes? […]

Lincoln, NE: Car Show Brings Memories and Dreams

The Cornhusker Model A Club of Lincoln spent a beautiful June spring day showing off some classic Ford cars. Residents took great delight in telling youngsters about rumble seats – something many had never heard of. Changes in car styles was frequently brought up, as was the cost of a car now vs then – […]

Lincoln, NE: Making Friends, Developing Relationships

Making Friends, Developing Relationships – that’s Quality of Life. Olivia, a youth from Southeast Community College Day Camp Program and Ollie, who resides at Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center have quickly become fast friends. Olivia bursts into Townhall each week, looking for Ollie – and Ollie is certainly pleased to see Olivia! When Olivia […]

Lincoln, NE: Southeast Community College Begins 6th Year Visiting Southlake

Southeast Community College Day Camp Program began the Sixth Year of partnership with Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center. Visiting youth and those at Southlake take part in recreational and social interventions that mirror the student’s summer program – from Science to Kitchen to Navigating Nature. Residents and Students have developed lasting relationships. Asking for […]

Lincoln, NE: Mother & Child Group Visit

A Lincoln Mom’s group made a return visit to Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center for an afternoon of inter-generational fun. There was no generational gap as the children and Residents colored, played games and shared stories. Be it a giant bowling game, coloring pictures, or just cuddling, the afternoon was a great success. Fern […]

Lincoln, NE: Stauffer’s Pie for Nursing Home Week

As part of the Celebration of the 2017 National Nursing Home Week Southlake celebrated with Pie from Stauffer’s Cafe. Serving Cherry, Strawberry, Apple, Dutch Apple and Peach provided choices for Residents, families and staff – and a wee bit of competition talk about who used to make the best pies! One family member noted “I […]

Lincoln, NE: Kona Ice & Ice From the Sky

As a celebration for National Nursing Home Week 2017 Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center had the Kona Ice Truck out as a treat for Residents, their families and staff. Mother Nature didn’t want to be left out of the Celebration, bringing her own ice to the celebration. It didn’t deter staff from ensuring residents […]

Lincoln, NE: Furry Friends

The opportunity to develop friendships between residents and staff is a key factor of Quality of Life. At Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center friendships aren’t limited to only humans. Noah (a blue merle collie), Scooter & Daisy (better known as the Dust Mops) bring their people John & Carolyn to visit on a regular […]

Lincoln, NE: Kloefkorn Elementary Choir

Kloefkorn Elementary School, one of Lincoln Public Schools’ newer schools which opened in August 2012 provided a Choir Performance for the residents and staff of Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center. Under the direction of Melissa Moates the students sang old favorites that had the audience tapping their toes and singing along. “Those kids were […]

Lincoln, NE: Tea, China & Cupcakes

Decorating cupcakes, sitting down to tea and conversation while using fine china – not something that is done on a regular basis in this day and age. The residents of Southlake, led to volunteer Mary C and assisted by Life Enrichment conducted an afternoon of decorating cupcakes, having traditional wedding mints – and actually using […]

Lincoln, NE: Wii Bowling Tournament

Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center took part in a the 2nd Annual Wii Bowling Tournament sponsored by The Landing at Williamsburg. The team, consisting of Pat, Jim, Rita & Faye practices independently each afternoon at 4:00 – setting up their own game/dealing with technology. Scores included a high of 232, with a team average […]

Lincoln, NE: Christ Lutheran Celebration Singers

Christ Lutheran Celebration Singers provided a shining example of joy and companionship on a rainy Saturday morning at Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center. A choir, consisting of both youth and adults- as well as a therapy/comfort dog – and accompanied by a violin and a guitar sang to, and with, a full house of […]

Lincoln, NE: Making Music

Music reaches everyone – we begin to respond to music as infants, and response to music stays with us throughout our life. Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center is privileged to have musical performers of all genres, from regional touring acts to Merrymakers to local youth. But making music, tapping into our emotions and allowing […]

Lincoln, NE: Spring Crafts

During her own Rehabilitation at Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center Mary C expressed an interest in volunteering; an opportunity to pursue her love of creative expression while giving back. Mary organized an April event of spring baskets and pin wheels, giving everyone an opportunity to create a decorative items that can be either for […]

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Lincoln, NE: Jelly Bean Art

Everyone has their favorite candy – and then, there are the holiday candies that one looks forward to – Cadbury eggs, malted robin eggs, jelly beans… An afternoon was spent comparing Easter candies and ranking favorites-than Jelly bean art was created! Although everyone had a favorite candy – no ones’ favorite candy was Peeps… The […]

Lincoln, NE: Stars & Stripes: Story and Folding of the US Flag

Richard Zierke, an ex-Marine and Lincoln business manager conducts a US Flag Folding ceremony to honor Veterans, the Flag and the Country. He tells of the twelve folds of the flag and describes the flag-folding ceremony as representing the principles on which our country was founded. He, with the assistance of three additional Vietnam Veteran […]

Lincoln, NE: Making of Taste Sensations

Who doesn’t love a fruit pizza? And when you have the opportunity to top a delicious sugar cookie base, covered by a cream cheese topping with the fruits of your choice, it doesn’t get much better! Sugar cookie dough, pressed out into a pan; baked and cut into squares for topping as one wishes! Coconut, […]

Lincoln, NE: Annabella Rose & Charolette Ann Make Their Visit to Southlake

Annabella Rose Yeramysheva & Charolette Ann Yeramysheva make their first visit to Southlake; stopping to see friend Nita. Sarah, a Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center CNA (when not having twins!) and her husband Kyle toured about Southlake introducing Annabella Rose & Charolette Ann to all. Born March 6 at 6lb 1oz & 5lb 6oz […]

Lincoln, NE: Giving Back via Bunny Baskets

“I’ve been looking for a place to volunteer – is there an opportunity here?” asks Mary C. during her own Rehabilitation at Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center. Of course! Creative Expression was in full force as individual Easter baskets, complete with individual die cut ‘chocolate’ rabbits – complete with blue bow; miniature eggs and […]

Lincoln, NE: Recognizing Quality Care: Kristal Gonzales

Continuity of Care – knowing your residents, knowing your team: Kristal Gonzales, LPN at Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center recently celebrated ten years of providing Quality Care as an Excellent Team member of Vetter Health Services/Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center. The Leadership team surprised Kristal with an unexpected recognition – but the Quality […]

Lincoln, NE: College View Academy Choir: 106!

College View Academy of Lincoln hosts a choir festival annually for youth grades fifth through eight. A crowning jewel of the festival is a performance at Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center. One hundred and six – yes, 106 students performed songs of joy, hope and inspiration to residents, staff and family members in an […]

Lincoln, NE: Southeast Community College Spring Mini Camp

Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center is beginning the sixth (6th) year of partnering with Southeast Community College’s Day program – the Youth have been coming out on a regular basis for throughout the summers for Summer Camp since 2012. Beginning in 2016 the Southeast Community College’s Day program’s Mini Camps, held on days when […]

Lincoln, NE: Theme Music of Lois Rood

What makes a good entertainer? Someone who engages the entire audience; makes everyone smile – and that those who attend tell those who didn’t “you should have been there-it was great!” Lois Rood, an entertainer who performs at Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center on a regular basis is just that – a great entertainer. […]

Lincoln, NE: Incorporating IN2L Into Therapy

The It’s Never 2 Late (IN2L) system is used extensively at Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center by Life Enrichment. Southeast Community College Physical Therapy Assistant Devan Schmidt, an intern at Southlake through Select Rehabilitation used the IN2L as a learning opportunity for himself – and took the opportunity to share the vast amount of […]

Celebrating How Our Heroes Touch the Lives of Others

Vetter Health Services has been delivering quality care to seniors for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on providing quality living options and care to seniors throughout all of our 30 locations. We celebrate the heroes that work for us and dedicate their lives in caring for others. Charles Devlin said it best in the following quote, “Every day […]

Lincoln, NE: Nebraska’s 150th Birthday Celebration

“All across this great nation is a state that needs some explanation – when East and West coasters come up and ask you: what’s there to do in the state of Nebraska” (with credit and apologies to the musical group The Stringbeans). The State of Nebraska celebrated its 150th birthday on March 1 (born 1867). […]

Lincoln, NE: Art with Erin

Quality of Life takes teamwork – Occupational Therapy student Erin, working through Select Rehabilitation at Southlake Village Rehabilitation and Care Center is engaging with the residents of Haymarket’s Memory Care to share memories though art. Using the Memories In The Making program, Erin is using eight weeks of her Internship to assist individuals tell their […]

Lincoln, NE: Skype via IN2L

How important is it for you to have contact with family and friends? Contact with family/friends from out of town is no longer limited to visits on Holidays and for special occasions. The It’s Never Too Late laptop/shuttle system provides the opportunity to Skype in the privacy of one’s own room without staff to hold […]

Lincoln, NE: Southlake Village Team Members Donate Diapers to Lincoln Peoples City Mission Homeless Prevention Center

The Southlake Village Rehabilitation and Care Center PEP (People Energizing People) Club loves to give back to the Lincoln community. In February, we did so with a Infant and Toddler Diaper Drive benefiting the Lincoln Peoples City Mission Homeless Prevention Center. Southlake Village team members donated over 1500 diapers to the organization. The Homeless Prevention […]

Lincoln, NE: Southlake Village PEP Club Hosts a Frozen Yogurt Bar

The Southlake Village Rehabilitation and Care Center PEP (People Energizing People) Club, hosted a Frozen Yogurt Bar on Monday, February 6th which happened to be National Frozen Yogurt day! Team members, guests and residents enjoyed vanilla frozen yogurt and a buffet of toppings. Our PEP club has recently been revitalized and it has been fun […]

Lincoln, NE: Southlake Village Says Hello and Goodbye

Southlake Village team members, residents and guests gathered to celebrate a Hello Goodbye Party for our new Administrator Dennis Wheeler and our out going Administrator Aimee Middleton. Aimee will be staying with Vetter Health Services in her new role as Administrator at Brookestone Meadows in Elkhorn, Nebraska. Dennis is coming to Southlake Village with a […]

Lincoln, NE: Getting to Know You

Remember starting a new school, a new job, moving to a new town? The angst of change exists for all ages, and moving to a new home for skilled care is no different. A small town may have had a Welcome Wagon back in the day; a Vetter Health facility has Mentors and Orientation. Life […]

Lincoln, NE: Kid, of the Goat Variety!

“My kids” – these days, people are often referring to their human children. But not Culinary Service Cook Karen Howell-Hidalgo – she’s referring to actually baby goats! Stories and photos of the new babies were not enough; the babies came for a visit to Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center, complete with diapers and onesies! […]

Lincoln, NE: National Hat Day!

National Hat Day was celebrated with reminisce -hats of history, for work, for pleasure, and the changes over the years in the actual wearing of hats! Much laughter, as all tried on hats, determined their ‘style’ -or lack thereof. Wikipedia defines Hatmaking as the manufacture of hats and head-wear with Millinery being the design and […]