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Springfield, MO: Creekside Continues Support of Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope is a faith-based, nonprofit organization based in Springfield. The goal of the organization is “to bring help and hope to those who are impoverished, hungry, and hurting.” Convoy serves both Stateside and internationally through feeding initiatives, community outreaches, and disaster response. They serve with excellence, and are recognized by many secular entities. […]

Springfield, MO: Family Feud: Community Members vs. Team Members

Creekside at Elfindale uses iN2L to reinforce community member to staff relationships. We have recently started playing Family Feud: Community Members vs Team Members. This one hour competition impacts quality of life by encouraging communication, cooperation, thinking skills, and–most importantly–laughter between generations. This is an event both team members and community members have come to […]

Springfield, MO: “The Great American Eclipse”

The “Great American Eclipse” has been a source of excitement throughout the United States. While Springfield, Missouri was not in “the path of totality”, we were still fortunate to have 96% coverage. Creekside had a viewing party in the parking lot behind the Lodge. We passed out moon pies, star cakes, and solar glasses. The […]

Springfield, MO: Creekside Receives New Bus

Over the years, “Bessie the Bus” has treated Creekside well. She transported us on many trips–not just in Springfield, but throughout Missouri. Upon her decision to retire, Todd Vetter and Kevin Rusenstrom (Creekside’s Administrator) began the search for a new vehicle. On Wednesday, July 19th, the Creekside community was surprised with a beautiful, brand new […]

Springfield, MO: Better than the Easter Bunny

Their temperament is nothing like others rabbits. They are natural little cuddle bunnies. They are not hyper and love to be held. Anna compares the English Angoras to loving lap dogs. They are easily litter-box trained and make great companions and indoor pets. Her rabbits were passed around for the Community Members to hold for […]

Springfield, MO: An “Egg-Ceptional” Event

Eggs can be turned into an Eggs-travaganza with just a little imagination and a group of people who want to have fun!!! Creekside Community Members are always ready for an adventure that is out of the ordinary, and that is “egg-actly” what they got one morning in April. It started with a sampling of green […]

Springfield, MO: Good Turtle/Bad Turtle

Every year a business located behind Creekside has turtle races as a fundraiser. After the races are over they release the turtle onto our 62 acres to go back to the living a “normal” turtle life. When this happens, the contest for Creekside Community Members who walk the campus for exercise begins! The first person […]

Springfield, MO: The “Date Lady”

This was an event that needing advertising prior to the day of the event! It was important to let everyone know that our guest speaker was not from a “dating” service for seniors! It was actually all about “dates” the fruit. Once that was clarified, and the word “samples” was mentioned, there was a full […]

Springfield, MO: Creekside Celebrates its 30 Year Anniversary with a Fundraiser

When the team at Creekside started talking about our thirty year anniversary, we wanted something different, not just a party. We wanted to do something that would make a difference for someone. With the help of three of Creekside community members Anne Henry, Cathy Carrelton and Deb Stratman as part of our fundraising committee, we […]

Celebrating How Our Heroes Touch the Lives of Others

Vetter Health Services has been delivering quality care to seniors for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on providing quality living options and care to seniors throughout all of our 30 locations. We celebrate the heroes that work for us and dedicate their lives in caring for others. Charles Devlin said it best in the following quote, “Every day […]

Springfield, MO: Ringing in 2017

Ringing in the New Year at Creekside was more like “singing and dancing” it in. The festivities included a hors d’oeuvre buffet, a wine bar, non-alcoholic sparkling juice selection, and fabulous entertainment. The band, Sounds Good Combo, was with us last year and was so popular that we brought them back with an addition of […]

Springfield, MO: Maxine’s Crabby Christmas

The word started to spread among the ladies at Creekside back in May 2016…..Maxine is coming to Branson for Christmas! So, who is Maxine and how does everyone know her? Well, she is the crabby senior citizen created by Hallmark over 30 years ago! The excitement spread as news of a live stage show starring […]

Springfield, MO: Christmas Craziness

When the event calendar says “Christmas Craziness with DJ” at 10:30 at the Club House, the Community Members automatically think “uh-oh!” They wonder whether or not they should attend? After all, they never know what she is up to! Well, curiosity got the best of 19 people and they decided to take a chance on […]

Springfield, MO: Roadtrip with a Raindrop: 90 Days along the Mississippi River

A raindrop that falls into the headwaters of the Mississippi River in Minnesota will reach the Gulf of Mexico 90 days later. When award winning National Geographic photographer, Gayle Harper, read this small snippet of trivia about the Mississippi River, it completely changed her life. That little known fact sent her world spinning in a […]

Springfield, MO: Princess PopTart

Princess PopTart entered the Club House wearing a hot pink coat with black fur trim and a bow in her hair! The Community Members were in “awe” and “squealed” with delight! Well, maybe that was Princess Poptart that squealed…after all she is a pig! Kim, the owner of Charming Mini Pigs, brought two 12 week […]

Springfield, MO: Creekside at Elfindale Host Holiday Open House

On December 1, we shared our afternoon with community members, team members, family and friends at our Holiday Open House. Sweet and savory hors d’oeuvres was served in the dining room for our community members, family and friends. Of course no Holiday Open House would be complete without an Old World Santa and Mrs. Clause. […]

Springfield, MO: The Power of Pink

Every October pumpkins are gathered together and painted pink by a group of ladies at Creekside. They are then decorated with lots of sparkly jewels and “bling.” To finish them off, they tie beautiful bows onto the stems. These pumpkins are made “in honor” of all the women who are fighting breast cancer or are […]

Springfield, MO: Day of Celebration

Creekside had a day of celebration on July 20th.  After weeks of remodeling the lobby with its fireplace, concierge desk, three new offices, the library and the new conference room, we were happy to host an Open House.  We shared this day with Creekside community members, team members, business partners, family, friends, Jack Vetter and […]

Springfield, MO: An “Olympic “Moment

The 2016 Summer Olympics ended on a Sunday night and all the Community Members at Creekside thought their Olympic experience had ended. They were wrong. The very next morning an Olympic Medalist walked into the Clubhouse to spend some time with them! Lori played for the USA National Team for eight years and competed in […]

Springfield, MO: Creekside Celebrates 1000 Days Injury Free

No dark days for Creekside at Elfindale Retirement Community, we celebrated 1000 days injury free on Tuesday, March 29th. This team realizes it takes Team Work to focus on this exceptional goal. In our weekly meeting we discuss how to stay safe in the work place and all agree it needs to stay top-of-mind with […]

Springfield, MO: Conductor of the Springfield Symphony Shares Lunch with Creekside Community Members

On March 24, 2016, Kyle Wiley Pickett, Music Director and Conductor of the Springfield Symphony, joined Creekside community members for lunch. Kyle spoke on the life of a Symphony conductor. He gave insight on the unique duties and interworking’s of conducting, managing the expectations of an orchestra and audience, score study, and how to recreate […]

Springfield, MO: Jazz Night and Fine Dining

It felt like you were walking onto a set of a Hollywood movie set back in the 1940. The lights were down low with candles burning on round tables with black linens, red napkins and long stem roses. The diners were eloquently dressed up enjoying a glass of wine while listening to a live band […]

Springfield, MO: Master Gardner Adopts Our “Farmers”

Ken Bass is a member of the Master Gardner’s Association in Springfield. He has “adopted” our Community Members that plant in our Creekside garden plot. He came to visit recently to evaluate our garden plot and make suggestions about adding nutrients and compost. He will continue to advise the Members throughout the growing season in […]

Springfield, MO: Let’s Tour the Police Station

A group of our “fine upstanding citizens” from Creekside toured the Southside Police Station in Springfield. Officer Shawn guided us through the enormous facility and shared the inside workings of the department. The first floor housed the interrogation rooms, morning update room, holding cells, and computer center. The basement area was the highlight of the […]

Springfield, MO: Red Hat Tea

When you combine the colors red and yellow you get the color orange. When you combine the colors red and purple you get…friendship. Recently we combined two groups of ladies who are all members of the “Red Hat Clubs “ from both the Manor and Creekside. Some people may wonder what kind of “club” this […]

Springfield, MO: King and Queen of the 2016 Valentine Court

Each year the Life Enrichment team puts out a pretty box with a sign that reads “Nominate the King and Queen.” Residents, staff, family, and friends are able to write down their nominations and place them in the box. We designate a special day for a Valentine’s Court party, with musical guests and yummy valentine […]

Springfield, MO: A Day of Planning

February 3, the Creekside Leadership Team and our MSU intern student had a great day planning for the upcoming budget year 2016/2017. We were able to accomplish all but two of the items on the agenda. It was a day spent with smiles, laughter, writing poetry, talking about the importance of setting goals, and even […]

Springfield, MO: The Dixie Stampede

From pig races, log rolling competitions, horse drawn wagon races to “chicken chasing” the excitement kept Creekside Community Members on the edge of their seats. The Dixie Stampede Christmas Show in Branson was filled to capacity with 1000 audience members celebrating the Christmas season and we were part of the crowd! This variety show had […]

Springfield, MO: Trail of Lights

You could hear “ewwws and ahhhs” as the Creekside bus drove through two and a half miles of Christmas Lights and snow globe displays at the Shepherd of the Hills homestead in Branson. There are millions of multi-colored Christmas lights and themed animated displays as you wind your way along the Trail of Lights. Included […]

Springfield, MO: Family Fish Fry

A “good ole ’family fish fry” brought back fond memories for the community members at Creekside! Many stories were told of gatherings from long ago by a river bank. Memories of them “cooking them up fresh” while telling tales of who caught the most fish, rushed back like only yesterday. Even though there was no […]

Springfield, MO: Clipboard Crazy

A community project for our adopted neighborhood school was fed by fond memories and the love of teaching. Eight of our community members, who are all retired school teachers, wanted to support the teachers of the future generation. These ladies gathered together for several days and did what teachers do….cut, paste, and create! Thirty clipboard […]

Springfield, MO: The Top of the Rock is Tops

What do golf carts, caves and waterfalls have in common? The answer is a Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail tour in the heart of the beautiful Ozarks. Ten golf carts with 4 passengers each, wound their way through two and a half miles of nature’s wonders. The ride included going through an Amish bridge, […]

Springfield, MO: Pink Pumpkins in October!

It has become a tradition every October to paint pumpkins pink and cover them with “bling.” Pink pumpkins are not very scary for the Halloween season but they have a very special meaning here at Creekside. Our community members make pink pumpkins in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. These pumpkins are to honor those […]

Springfield, MO: Goats, Cheese and Relaxation

No one expected that a day trip to Terrell Creek Goat Farm and Dairy would be so wonderful. The fourteen community members that went were so glad they didn’t miss it! Nestled in the back country of the Ozarks is a goat farm that produces amazing goat cheese. They sell their cheese at local farmer’s […]

Springfield, MO: Hands and Feet Required

Have you ever been curious about what a Reflexology treatment can do for you? The Community Members at Creekside were seeking information about the subject. A Certified Reflexologist came to campus and taught them all about the benefits it can provide. Reflexology is used primarily for relaxing tension in different parts of your body. Doctors […]

Springfield, MO: Creekside Volunteers at the United Way Day of Caring

On August 20th, Creekside Leadership Team was just a small part of the United Way Day of Caring. This year, over 2,000 volunteers from 139 organizations completed 255 projects at 92 nonprofits and schools in the Springfield community. The Creekside team was able to purchase and plant four evergreens and over 15 perennial plants for […]

Springfield, MO: Creekside at Elfindale Celebrates Two Years Injury Free

With the amazing team and their dedication to safety, Creekside at Elfindale celebrated two years injury free on July 2nd. On Wednesday, July 29th Jack Vetter and a team from Vetter Health Services came to Creekside to show their appreciation of this great achievement by preparing a delicious lunch of; steak, chicken and shrimp grilled […]

Springfield, MO: Courtyard Social

Saturday morning the weather here in Springfield was absolutely beautiful! We were able to have a successful courtyard social, and boy did we have a good time. We enjoyed listening to the waterfall in the pond, and watching the baby ducks follow their mom around. There was laughter, smiles, delicious cold lemonade, and cracker chips. […]

Springfield, MO: Creekside was our Valentine


Our neighbors at Creekside came for a visit. Their scrap booking group made beautiful Valentines for all of our residents! The cherry on top was the time they took to visit and deliver the cards. They ran into old friends and made a lot of new ones. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful […]